Hello my dear followers. Missed me? Don’t you worry, I’m back to stay.

The first thing I’d like to talk about is something that has caused quite a bit of drama this week. Her Tumblr link is www.pababy.tumblr.com and if you go to her page, all you will find is pictures of herself and a spam of questions from her ask box. Once, she attempted to write a post, but I hope she never attempts to do so ever again. Her grammar fails more than her Tumblr does.

Many Tumblrarians have shared their opinion about this young lady. I must say, Angelo, you are quite the funny chap. Same goes with Peter.

The resemblance is uncanny.

So, “Pa”, why don’t you take your luvos and your ass back to MySpace because you’re defeating the purpose of having a Tumblr. I’m not going to tell you that what’s on your Tumblr is “wrong”, because it’s not. There is no wrong and right way to blog. But it is stupid. STUPID FOR REAL.

Next. Tumblr taking over Omegle? Haha. Then you see all these people complaining that people on Facebook are finding out about memes. It’s not like we’re apart of some secret society. So, this Omegle incident just invited a lot more people to Tumblr and they were probably on Omegle themselves asking “WHAT IS AIR!!!!!!!!!????” to everyone. Good job fucktard.

You know you love me,
                               xoxo Tumblr Girl

Hahaha. So hilarious.

It appears that there is some jealously in the air. http://sammy-o.tumblr.com/ you may be trolling people, but for what reason? Is it hate? You may think it is but deep down, you know that you want to have something in common with the people that you are failing to troll.

What you’re doing, is practically a form of bullying. Editing pictures to make it seem horrible, and adding a stupid caption, what exactly were you thinking? You’re probably going to deny this post and add a pointless rant to it or just simply deny what I’m posting and figure out a way to outsmart it. How predictable. I can see through you like you’re made out of glass

Both Michelles are beautiful. I’m not just saying that either. And for you, I only have a small idea what you look like, from your icon. It doesn’t matter what you look like anyway, because you’ll always be ugly on the inside.

Just going to say in advance, you may have people who think you’re a hero standing up to them, but with that, expect a lot of haters as an extra package.

You know you love me,

                               xoxo Tumblr Girl

What now.

What is this profanity? I thought this community was better than this. Making blogs that mock others’ usernames? Complete and utter bullshit, that’s what it is. I truly feel sorry for Stace especially, because it’s happening to him mostly.

As k00l-story-bro said, blogs like these are giving anonymous blogs a bad name. People are going to start making generalizations that ALL of us are trolls.

www.trollalert.tumblr.com - Seriously, the fuck is that?

Oh well, this hardly applies to me does it?
You know you love me,
                                xoxo Tumblr Girl.

Long time no post.

Hello my dear Tumblrarians. Have you missed me? I know I’ve missed you. But don’t worry because I’ve definitely been catching up with your Tumblrs from the day that I was gone. Just because I was in Sydney, didn’t mean I couldn’t update myself with what was going on in our little Tumblr community.

I’ll be back on schedule soon enough. Oh, guess what? I have a surprise for you! Hang around for a bit longer to find out.

                                             You know you love me! xoxo Tumblr Girl.

Don’t take it too seriously.

Well, guys. Hasn’t tonight been filled with lots and lots of drama? Gabz, it was very silly of you to suggest making an anonymous account to steal people’s posts. To Little J, aka Jennifer, a lot of those posts have been written by Tyana. You tell her that she’s taking Tumblr too seriously, yet there is an anon going around stealing her posts. The anon is basically stealing every bit of thought and emotion she’s put into her writing. So how about you think about that the next time that another piece of work is plagiarized.

By the way, this post is in no way sucking up to anyone. It’s simply standing up for what’s right, and what’s wrong. I’m pretty sure plagiarism is wrong.


So it looks like myself and k00l-story-bro are not the only ones that are apart of the anonymous committee that is rapidly increasing. From other Tumblarians, I read that it’s becoming a fad. Is it? Or is it not?

Here are some blogs as an example of the growing Tumblr hype:

  • an0nym0us-bl0gg4
  • andfranklymydear
  • tumbahfamouse

Will this stay for long my dear friends? I know I will.

You know you love me, xoxo Tumblr Girl.

Is that so?

OH SNAP GURRRLFRAN, did I just read that ‘gabbydaddy’ claimed to know who I am?

Let me hint something out to you fellow bloggers. I am positive that the person you are assuming, isn’t the right tumblarian. I can assure you, your guesses will be far from what you expect.


Anonymous people, a majority of the time, we don’t really care who they are do we? Well, from what I’ve heard fellow Tumblrarians, there is one Anon that we’re all dying to know. k00l-story-bro.tumblr.com has raised an interest that’s beginning to spread around as their amount of followers increase.

There are many suspicions as to who it is. People are guessing and assuming but it isn’t getting them to a final answer. Oh, but don’t fret! I know who it is. I would say it but I shouldn’t. That would break the fun wouldn’t it? Best to leave you guys hanging. Hehe.

                                                              xoxo Tumblr Girl. 

Here’s an inside tip, Tumblrians. The faster you rise the harder you fall. xo xo — Yours truly